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This message is being issued for Sale.

  • There is a very minor, underground natural gas leak in the vicinity of Reeve st between Foster St and Macalister St Sale.
  • Whilst this leak is very minor in nature and therefore poses very limited risk, there may be a smell of gas in the area until the issue is resolved by the gas company.
  • Emergency Services did attend in the morning of Monday 22/2 to investigate and subsequently called for the gas utility company to detect the exact location and source of the gas smell.
  • The gas company are working in the area to locate and repair the leak. The duration of these works are unknown.
There is no immediate threat to the community and no action is required.
Please follow the direction of the gas company working in the local area with regard to any local hazards or workers and their machinery.
This message was issued by Country Fire Authority

Unless the situation changes this will be the last message for this incident.

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