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This message is being issued for water quality at Hobsons Bay, St Kilda to Williamstown.
Warning to recreational shellfish collectors Hobsons Bay area
A routine sample in January found high levels of the naturally occurring algae Alexandrium minutum which can cause toxins to accumulate in shellfish like mussels, pipis, oysters and scallops, and to a lesser extent fish.

The combination of no rain and hot weather means the algal bloom has not yet cleared

Protect your health:
Community members are advised not to eat shellfish taken from the St Kilda to Williamstown area after a marine algal bloom was detected off Port Melbourne six weeks ago.

There are already restrictions on collecting shellfish in this area, as a precaution the community should be aware that it may not be safe to eat them.

Anglers catching any fish in the Hobsons Bay area should be cleaned and washed in clean water and the internal organs removed before eating.

Swimmers and water users are advised to avoid contact with algae-affected  water, which may look murky or discoloured.  If contact occurs, wash with clean water.
This message was issued by Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning
, the lead agency in coordinating the Victorian Government's response to marine algal blooms and works closely with the EPA on issues affecting water quality in Port Phillip Bay
Further sampling will occur in the coming weeks to assess the Hobsons Bay bloom.

The next update is expected by 22/03/2019 04:30 pm or as the situation changes.

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