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Rosedale fire update

5 January 2019

Firefighters have continued work today to build control lines around the perimeter a fire at Rosedale West.

The wind change overnight on Friday brought with it significant escalation of fire behaviour resulting in a number of firefighter safety incidents being reported involving FFMVic and CFA crews.

Following debriefs of crew members this morning, further preliminary information has indicated that the FFMVic dozer and trailer reported as a loss appears to have survived the path of the fire.

Firefighters noticed a change in the fire behaviour conditions while constructing a firebreak. A decision was made that the dozer couldn’t be moved quickly enough out of the fire path so the crew cleared the ground around the machine and sprayed it down with water before leaving. The firefighting crews were able to safely move with the trailer to another location as per their training.

Separately, a CFA strike team were on a private property in the area of Rosedale-Stradbroke Road.

While they were working in challenging and changing conditions, further information indicates the strike team leaders conducted a dynamic risk assessment, identified a safe area on the farmland and decided to remain there protecting assets until it was safe and feasible to leave. No CFA vehicles were impacted.

All team members are safe.

Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp said an after action review into the circumstances of the reported incidents would be undertaken.

“This will determine the nature of and specific details around the incidents, any lessons to be identified or good practices to be continued,” he said.

“Health and safety of our firefighters is a paramount concern.”

Firefighters will take advantage of the milder conditions this week and will continue to work on the fire for the coming days. A community meeting was held today.