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VicEmergency app update

2 December 2016

Community feedback has driven a number of recent improvements to the VicEmergency app to make it faster and more responsive and to introduce new enhancements.   

The most noticeable change is the inclusion of the four-day Fire Danger Rating forecast to the map screen. Notifications for fire, flood and weather are also now automatically turned on for each watch zone. Users will be required to turn these settings off if they do not want to receive this information. As Fire Danger Ratings and Total Fire Ban notifications provide critical information they can not be switched off.

The responsiveness of the VicEmergency app has also been enhanced to improve the loading speed of the home page, watch zones, incident map and when transitioning between screens. The latest round of app updates were background changes that do not require an app update and these functions have been added in response to community feedback and further work will continue over the next couple of weeks to address other ideas and to work through any issues being experienced by users. 

The top priority has been to improve the performance of the app and the developers and testing teams have worked to remove a number of bugs and introduce new enhancements.

The app user community has expressed strong opinions about how they want to receive information and we are looking at how we incorporate this into future updates. Some people don’t like the user profile function, while others do. We are listening to the community’s response and are looking at how we can continue to improve the functionality of the app.

A team of support staff are available to answer your questions and assist with any technical difficulties you may experience via the VicEmergency Knowledge Base:

It’s important to remember that the VicEmergency app has replaced the FireReady app. FireReady is no longer providing current data or emergency information.

The introduction of VicEmergency app, website and hotline represents a fundamental change in the way we provide emergency information in Victoria. VicEmergency information systems are integrated and work to connect agencies together to ensure a consistent approach across all emergencies.
With summer here now is the time to download the VicEmergency app so you can get used to it and know how it works before you need to use it. Victorians are reminded to never rely on one source for emergency information. 

Victorians can get emergency information from a number of sources including the VicEmergency app,, tuning in to ABC radio or other emergency broadcasters including commercial and community radio stations or Sky TV or by phoning the VicEmergency Hotline on 1800 226 226 and following VicEmergency on Facebook and Twitter.

App questions and answers can be found on the VicEmergency Knowledge Base: If users are unable to find an answer to their question, they call also submit a ticket via the online form.