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This Minor Flood Warning is being issued for Tanjil River.

Minor flooding is occurring along the Tanjil River.

The Tanjil River at Tanjil Junction is currently at 2.30 metres and falling, with minor flooding.

The Tanjil River at Tanjil South peaked at 3.15 metres late Thursday evening, with moderate flooding. The river level is currently at 2.90 metres and falling, with minor flooding.
Stay informed - monitor your local conditions and remain alert.
What you should do: 
  • Be prepared to act if your situation changes.
  • Never walk, ride or drive through floodwater
  • Stay away from waterways and storm water drains during and after heavy rain.
  • You should stay informed by listening to emergency broadcasters and monitoring warnings.
Impacts in your area: 

COVID-19 Restrictions

If you need to leave your home due to extreme weather or flood, please do so. Follow your normal evacuation orrelocation plans in a COVIDSafe way.

If you are currently isolating or quarantining because you have COVID-19, are a primary or secondary close contact,or are awaiting a COVID-19 test result and need to relocate due to an emergency, move somewhere safe as quicklyas possible.Then call 1300 651 160 (available 24/7) and press 0 to let operators know that you have relocated.
This message was issued by State Emergency Service.

The next update is expected by 11/06/2021 03:30 pm or as the situation changes.

Flood information:
Emergency contacts: 
Stay informed:
  • Go to www.emergency.vic.gov.au.
  • Tune in to ABC Local Radio, commercial and designated community radio stations, or Sky News TV. 
  • Phone the VicEmergency Hotline to talk to someone about this warning on 1800 226 226 (freecall).
  • People who are deaf, hard of hearing, or who have a speech/communication impairment can contact VicEmergency Hotline via the National Relay Service on 1800 555 677. 
  • For help with English, phone the Translating and Interpreting Service on 131 450 (freecall) and ask them to telephone VicEmergency Hotline. If you know someone who cannot speak English, provide them with this number.
  • Download the VicEmergency app or follow VicEmergency on Twitter (#vicfloods) or Facebook.