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This Advice message is being issued for Cape Bridgewater and Cape Nelson areas. 
  • This Advice message replaces the Advice issued on 28 September 2021.
 What you need to know about AVG 
  • A Control Area restricting fishing, diving, snorkelling and boating in waters off Portland has been lifted. 
  • However, aquatic users as asked to please avoid diving, hoop netting and fishing with a weighted line and anchoring your boat in the area indicated.
  •  The Control Area was put in place by Agriculture Victoria and the Victorian Fisheries Authority in May following a detection of Abalone Viral Ganglioneuritis (AVG), known as abalone disease. 
  •  The orders were in place to prevent people unknowingly spreading the virus on boats and equipment, while surveillance to understand the extent of the disease was underway. 
  •  The Control Area spanned from a kilometre west of Cape Bridgewater Lookout to Cape Grant in the east.
  •  Aquatic users can help reduce the risk of pests and diseases spreading by following the steps of Check, Clean and Dry: 
  •  Check all vessels, fishing, diving and surfing equipment and remove anything including water, sand and seaweed. Also, remember to check your catch for signs of disease. 
  •  Clean boats at home or at a commercial carwash.  Wash wetsuits, fishing and diving equipment with fresh, soapy water. 
  •  Dry all boating, fishing and diving equipment completely before heading out into the water again. 
  •  A Fisheries Notice is now in place which makes it illegal to use abalone as bait, or to dispose of abalone shell or gut back into the ocean, anywhere in Victoria. 
  •  A second Fisheries Notice sets an Aquaculture protection zone in place within 500m around the Yumbah facility. No fishing, boating, or diving, is allowed in this area. 
  •  If abalone disease is detected, Agriculture Victoria and the Victorian Fisheries Authority will assess the outbreak in terms of surveillance and the approaches required. 
AVG is a notifiable disease. If any divers suspect AVG in abalone, please report it immediately to the 24-hour Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline on 1800 675 888.

To help prevent the spread of disease you should:
This message was issued by the Chief Veterinary Officer of Victoria.

The next update is expected by 26/10/2021 03:30 pm or as the situation changes.

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