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Hazardous Trees

Hazardous Trees

Many trees may have become hazardous as a result of the June 2021 storm and flood event.

Bushfire Recovery Victoria (BRV) is accepting registrations for the assessment of trees on residential property that are still standing and pose a risk to a place of residence or personal safety.

Trees standing on private property that were made hazardous because of the June 2021 storms and are within falling distance of a structure or access to a structure can be professionally assessed and treated as part of the Storm and Flood Clean-Up Program.

Having a safety plan in place

If a hazardous tree is threatening your residence, it is essential that you have a safety plan in place, even if you have registered the tree for assessment with BRV.

This safety plan should include alternative accommodation options if weather conditions worsen. 

If you need support to access alternative accommodation, call the BRV Recovery Hotline on 1800 560 760 to speak to a dedicated local Recovery Support Worker who can assist. 

If someone’s life is in danger, call Triple Zero (000).

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