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Bushfire clean-up program

Registration is now open for the 2020 Clean-Up Program, which is provided free of charge for eligible property owners.  The clean-up program is provided by the Victorian Government. Please register using this online form or by calling 1800 560 760.

The 2020 Clean-Up Program covers the demolition and disposal of all buildings destroyed or damaged beyond repair by this season’s bushfires (including residential homes and sheds, commercial and public buildings, and other out-buildings). This may also include the removal of fencing, trees and vehicles but only where it is necessary for the safe clean-up of destroyed buildings.

Grocon has been contracted to conduct the clean-up on behalf of the Victorian Government. After you register, Grocon will be in contact to discuss arrangements for the clean-up process, which will require the signing of a consent form to proceed.

This is a voluntary program and is provided free of charge for property owners. You do not need to be insured to be eligible for this program.

We know that households can face clean-up and demolition bills up to several thousand dollars.  This free clean-up program will allow people to spend that money rebuilding their homes.

The insurers’ peak body has assured the Victorian Government that any savings insurers accrue as a result of this free clean-up will be passed down to property owners and policy holders.

If you choose to not register for the program, you'll have to make your own arrangements to have your property cleared by a licensed contractor. You or the contractor will NOT be eligible to have the clean-up costs reimbursed.

Please note that fencing will not be included in the clean-up.  Fencing will only be included in the clean-up where it is necessary for the safe clean-up of destroyed buildings.

A fact sheet with information on support available for the repair or replacement of fencing is available. 

If septic tanks have been damaged beyond repair, they will be emptied or removed from the site if;
•    they pose a safety risk
•    it's necessary for the clean-up of destroyed buildings

Further information

Visit the Bushfire Clean-Up Program page for more information or call 1800 560 760. A fact sheet about the program is also available.

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